Patient no. 2009/05580

The Tubber offers elasticized resistance to the tugging of the wind on the tent ropes,

Meaning the pegs will stay put and your tent fabric intact.

The outer Tubber rubber is made from natural latex which is impregnated with graphite to minimize UV and oxygen degradation. The inner cord is made of polyester with a breaking strain of 90kg (general & mini Tubbers) and 180kg (storm Tubber)



 Mini Tubber

Product code: Single-TUBM 10 Pack-TUBM10

10mm OD / 5mm ID? yellow rubber? Used along the edged of smaller tents


 General Tubber

Product Code: Single-TUBG 10 Pack-TUBG10

12mm OD / 3mm ID? blue rubber? used on guy ropes, gazebos, sun screens etc.


 Storm Tubber

Product Code: Single-TUBS 10 Pack-TUBS10

14mm OD / 5mm ID? green rubber? especially designed for our eco storm straps.